24. 04., 18:00 | Museum of the History of Polish Jews | 6 Anielewicza St.




Before the debate, the film The Women Pioneers directed by Michal Aviad.


The film tells about women, who arrived in Palestine almost one hundred years ago to build a new world and to create a model of a new woman – free and independent.

They recorded their reflections in the diaries, which still exist and which became a starting point to the film story about their life, difficult emancipation in the new place of living and about a deep need to depart from traditional social model, in which they were brought up in Europe. Life in hard conditions in a masculine, tough world was the reason of their numerous failures and disappointments. Nevertheless, it did not make them give up their dream about creating a new nation and its state.


The debate will be led by Piotr Pacewicz.





26. 04., 15:00 | Museum of the History of Polish Jews | 6 Anielewicza St.




Before the debate, the film Never Forget to Lie directed by Marian Marzyński 


This film is a personal tale of its director about his experiences at the time of Nazi occupation of Poland. Being a small Jewish boy he was exposed – as all Jews – to the threat of death each day and at any time.

The children of the Holocaust are today the elderly people wounded by their childhood trauma. How did the wartime history affect their whole life? Is it possible to get over such trauma at all? Does it have any influence of the subsequent generations?


The debate will be led by Ewa Wanat.

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