Given the scale of destruction visited on the Jewish town and the entire Lublin, it might seem that no meaningful traces of life in the pre-war Polish-Jewish city can be found any more. However, after many years, from a dark hiding place arranged in the attic of a house in Lublin, there emerge the faces of the city’s inhabitants photographed on glass plate negatives before the outbreak of the war. It is because of these faces, captured in sharp focus, that the photographs are so powerful. All this collection was delivered to “Grodzka Gate – NN Theater” Center precisely at the time when the Center conducted a series of activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of annihilation of Lublin Jews.

The collection of glass plate negatives found in the house at Rynek 4 consists of over 2700 negatives of different in various sizes: from 6x9 cm to 13x18 cm. The photographs were taken between 1914 and 1939. The collection was found in the attic of the house by workmen doing repairs.

Most photos show portraits of people and scenes from family life and history. A large part of this collection is the photos from the opening of Yeshiva and from the Jewish cemetery.


Exhibition organized thanks to the kindness of “Brama Grodzka – NN Theater” Center.



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