The Festival Idea:

The Jewish Motifs Film Festival is among the many international festivals focused on the Jewish nation, its tradition, identity and history, both past and present.
There are some 30 events known as JEWISH FILM FESTIVALS - in the United States, Canada as well as Europe - in France, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Great-Britain; also in Australia, China, New Zealand and Israel. Their aim is to propagate - through the medium of film - the awareness of the centuries-old Jewish tradition.
During our Festival we hope to show films from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and other post-soviet countries as well as films from Western Europe.
Poland is a democratic country, tolerant and open, respecting its history in which the Jewish people played a significant part.
Jews settled in Poland as early as the 13th century encouraged by the enlightened policy of Polish kings and their religious tolerance. In Poland, the Jewish people could throughout centuries live, work, develop and cultivate their traditions in harmonious coexistence with the Polish people as well as with other ethnic groups within the Polish Kingdom. They shared the country's ups and downs with Poles, participating in the country's economic and cultural life as well as taking an active part in the repeated armed efforts to regain its freedom.
By the year 1939, the Jewish community in Poland counted more than 3 million people. Decimated by German Nazis during WW II the Jewish people practically disappeared from Polish soil. Today, it is up to us how much of their cultural heritage we can protect, how much of it will survive in the memory of the generations to come.

- We want to awaken the audience's interest in topics related to Jewish identity and experience throughout history, to the preservation of Jewish culture and tradition as a source of Judeo-Christian civilization - through the art of cinema.

- We want the films on Jewish culture to reach the young audience who is confronted today with the complex problems of our times, such as terrorism, intolerance and hatred.

- We want to present, first of all, films made in Central and Eastern Europe.

- We want to involve our audience in the creation of the future editions of the Festival at meetings and discussions about its organisation and concurrent events. The audience's suggestions will be taken into account by the Festival Programme Board.

- We want to share our experience and professionalism as partners or consultants with the local communities interested in Jewish subjects both in Poland and abroad.

- We want to actively co-operate with other international Jewish film festivals in Europe on the basis of direct contacts, similar to these we have already established with the festivals in Brighton, Stockholm and Vienna.

- Through artistic expression in the form of films we want to find ways of communicating with all religious, national and cultural communities in order to better know each other and better understand their diverse motives. We want to emphasize those factors, which are common to all of us.

- Our aim is to present non-profit productions, pioneer or seeking new ways of expression, which do not clash with the universal requirement of truth in artistic work.

- We respect human rights and human dignity.

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