Born in 1921. Active in CUKUNFT Organization and Youth Jewish Socialistic Workers Party BUND.

In Warsaw Ghetto (November 1942), he was one of the co-founders, leaders of Jewish Fighting Organization, and also assistant to Commander Mordechaj Anielewicz during uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

A year later he was fighting as a member of Polish Resistance Army in Warsaw Uprising (August – September 1944). After the war he completed the medicine study at Łódź University, had his dissertation at the Crakow University. About 50 years he worked as cardiologist in several Łódź hospitals.

In 70’s he was active member of democratic resistance movement such as Workers Defense Committee. In 1980 he became member of Board of Solidarnosc for the region of Lodz. Interned during the martial law. Member of the Round Table discussions and agreements which led in consequence to communism fall in Poland.

Wherever evil turns up and human rights are broken, one could hear Mr. Edelman’s voice defending them.

He is Doctor Honoris Causa of the Yale University, Free Bruxelles University, citizen of honor of Warsaw, Łódź and La Plata in Argentina.

He has been decorated by the President of Polish Republic with White Eagle Order – most important Polish Order.

Died on October 2nd, 2009.

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